Getting Liked on
Social Media


11 people join social media every second. Being connected has become viewed as almost a necessity in our world. With well over 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, social media access is in fingertip reach for a majority of your customer base. Considering 83% of Americans have social media accounts and 91% of social media users are accessing their accounts via their mobile device, social media is an incredible opportunity to build a relationship with your clients.

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms Worldwide:

  1. Facebook (2,230,000,000 Active Users)
  2. YouTube (1,900,000,000 Active Users)
  3. Instagram (1,000,000,000 Active Users)

How to Improve your Company’s Connection via Social Media

  • 1

    Respond Quickly.

    As of 2017, the typical response time for a business to a customer was around three hours. Although this response time cuts in half the typical response time of an email reply, customers are dissatisfied. 42% of consumers expect a response in an hour or less. The more quickly you communicate, the happier your customer base will be.

  • 2

    Have a Clear Next Step.

    Whenever you are posting or advertising on social media, give your customers a specific action to take or way to interact with your post. Only 56% of Facebook ads have a call-to-action. Even if you are just posting on your page, make sure the post has an obvious way for your customers to interact.

  • 3

    Hire Professional Social Media Management.

    With customers desiring quick response and meaningful interaction, maintaining an active and impactful social media presence for your business can be overwhelming. Social media management is a solution to target your potential customers, cater to their needs, and build the connection necessary to lead to lasting customer relationships.

Your Company’s Social Media Account Matters:

  • 48% of Americans have interacted on social media with a business on at least one of their platforms.
  • 41% of Americans say it is important to them that a business has a strong social media presence.
  • Over 50 million businesses have Facebook pages, but surprisingly only 2 million businesses use Facebook for advertising.
  • 59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved.

With the vast numbers of potential customers actively using social media, maximizing your company’s social media efforts is vitally important. Although advertisements via social media are powerful and important, a successful business social media account is so much more than just ads. 53% of organizations acknowledge the importance of social media advertisements, but the percentages of companies utilizing strategies such as influencer marketing, customer advocacy, employee advocacy, and thought leadership are significantly lower. Your customer base wants to interact with your business if given a meaningful opportunity and connection.