Think of your company’s brand as the visual personality. A brand captures the essence of your business’s message. Through graphic design, your company can be remembered and known by your customers. Branding goes beyond a simple logo to encompass every aspect of your website and advertisements.
Harbin Designs is ready to help your company establish a brand for the first time or rebrand your company to fully encapsulate the essence of your business.


We design first impressions for businesses, creating your visual personality is what we call Graphic Design. Peachtree City is where we call home, give us a call and let’s design your first impression.



Your brand is the culmination of your customers’ perspective of your company.
At the end of the day, your company is essentially the compilation of your services/products offered, your customer service given, your advertising efforts, your symbolic logo, and your overall reputation. All of those aspects combined together form your brand. If your company has established an effective brand, customers will recall your brand positively.
For example, Nike has laid forth a powerful brand which is difficult for competitors to beat. Their success cannot be attributed to one aspect of their company, but rather all of the components which have made their brand solid. Since 1964, Nike has created athletic wear which not only has a fashionable edge, but also maintained quality. In addition to the quality and style of their products, they have utilized celebrity endorsements from greats such as Michael Jordan and Lebron James to show how their products function the best. Equally important, their logo and motto capture the speed in its swoosh and affirming the emotion of “Just do it.” This company has combined all of these aspects of their

Regardless of your company’s services or products, branding is important. Branding is not just about apparel or selling products, it is vital for all businesses. For example, if a family is looking for a security company, they will be looking for a brand they can trust. A security company would need to have the perfect balance of strength to deter criminals while maintaining a comforting softness which will make customers feel at ease and secure.

The Harbin Designs team is ready to help your business establish or revitalize your brand. Combining all the aspects of your company you would desire communicated, we will help your message transmit clearly to your client base. When your company’s brand is speaking powerfully, your customers will remember you in their time of need.


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