Jumpstart your online traffic and marketing campaigns with Harbin Designs’ Live Chat service. With a confirmed track record of success, our Live Chat service will speed up your new client conversion rate dramatically. When a potential client visits your website, a customer service agent will be waiting and ready to help 24/7. Using Live Chat ensures your clients will be helped and supported instantly.

First impressions are vital because they can determine whether you are given the opportunity to even make another impression. Harbin Designs is committed to providing innovative tools to create a powerful first impression. If a potential client is conducting a web search for your services, customers already want to connect with your business. These potential clients can very simply become customers if given the appropriate attention. When a prospective client is searching for help, they will likely be drawn to the first company to prioritize them and make contact.

Using our Live Chat service, your potential customers can access you instantly. An attentive company creates the ideal first impression for the customer in need. Through Live Chat, you offer reassurance to your potential clients that you will be available and accessible to meet their needs 24/7. Typically, customer service agents on Live Chat are focused on building the bridge between the potential customer and your company. Live Chat representatives are trained to address initial questions, schedule appointments, set up calls to follow-up, and most importantly, acquire permission and contact information from the client in hopes of furthering the business relationship in the future.

Our Live Chat service offers an included Call Connect service to more effectively connect your potential clients with your company’s office. Our customer service agents can directly transfer the customer to your office number through the live chat window. Because Harbin Designs is committed to helping you build connections with your client base, we will always look for opportunities to connect your business with interested clients. Before transferring a call to your office, we will notify your office so you will be prepared to further the positive impression.

Live Chat was designed to serve you. Every function of the service was designed to be helpful and intuitive for your business. When a live chat is taking place, a full transcript of the conversation will be provided for your information and records. Basically, this transcript will allow you and your potential client to be 100% on the same page whenever you connect in the future. Our real time alert system can be set up to notify your office whenever a chat is taking place. Not only does this show you how readily the feature is being used, but you are also prepared to take the next step with the client when the time comes. The alerts will highlight the details of the chat and if a transferred call should be expected in your office. Live Chat will be on call, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Harbin Designs’ Live Chat service also helps you connect with clients’ needs after hours. One of the features allows us to either transfer calls to your answering service or a cell phone for greater accessibility. Once you establish a time which works for your business, we can set the Live Chat to transfer calls outside of your active business hours appropriately. Whether your company’s doors are open or not, Harbin Designs helps you remain connected and available.

As always, the team at Harbin Designs is dedicated to offering innovative solutions to assist your company. Live Chat is a proven and successful tool to further build your business.


To begin utilizing our Live Chat service, a one-time set-up fee is required, then a monthly service fee to ensure that a customer service agent will be standing by and waiting for your potential customers. Chats which qualify as relevant to your business will incur an additional fee per lead. If a potential client utilizes the chat feature, but their questions are not connected to your company’s services, you will not be charged. At Harbin Designs, we are only interested in making your company more effective. The cost of this Live Chat easily becomes worthwhile as potential clients are converted to long-term customers.

Effective business is about relationships. Our Live Chat service is one more way to connect with your clients and create the first impression which will convert them into committed customers. Contact Harbin Designs at 770-268-3061 to learn more about how Live Chat can be used to grow your business!


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