Harbin Designs is in the business of crafting first impressions that motivate consumers to take action by speaking to their core motivation. Branding, web design, graphic design, video production, and photography are the highly effective forms of communication that we use.

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The Harbin Designs team is passionate about partnering with businesses to ignite sustainable growth. Harbin Designs constructs critical First Impressions that inspire the consumer to take action.



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  • “Harbin Designs did an amazing job creating my logo and website, as well as managing my business’s social media. David listened to what I wanted and gave me a lot great advice from his professional experience. He far exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend Harbin Designs to anyone willing to make a smart investment in their business. It’s worth it!”

    Kelly Hillis / The Perfect Posey
  • “David is excellent to work with! We engaged him to create a new website for Cabinet Transformations, and he created a beautiful, functional website. Now, we are beginning to use his services for SEO and SMO. He has a thorough knowledge of what is needed to really help push your business to the top online. I felt that he was very responsive to our needs throughout the website project.”

    VelDean Fincher / Cabinet Transformations
  • “We get feedback again and again from our customers with their compliments of the website and they appreciate how easy it was for them to find information fast. I highly recommend David and his services. It is one of the best investments we have ever made.”

    Chad Fryer / Classic Canopies
  • “I came in with very high expectations for my business logo and David and his team exceeded every one of them. The professionalism I experienced with Harbin Designs was top of the class and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Professional quality, great communication, and amazing customer service is why I will certainly be returning in the near future for my business website. Highly recommended in all aspects!”

    Justin Ledford / Rustic Wood Slices
  • “David did a phenomenal job of delivering a high-quality logo in an extremely professional manner. He’s talented, honest, and actually cares about your project. I would work with David again if given the chance.”

    Andrew McPherson


A first impression can mean everything! Studies show that website visitors make up their mind about your business within the first few seconds based on visual aesthetics alone. Harbin Designs is in the business of great first impressions, we build websites that convert visitors into potential clients.

  • 97%

    of consumers use a search engine to find services and products they need.


    of small businesses are missing out by not having a website.


  • 75%

    of those using the internet say that they make judgments about a company’s credibility based on the way they look online.

    (Stanford University)

  • According to one study, it takes less than two-tenths of a second for a first time website visitor to form a first impression of your companies identity.

    (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Those statistics alone should give you enough reason to invest in a professional visually impactful website. Our team at Harbin Designs creates visually impactful sites based on current market trends and research. There is a lot of research about what type of design engages and impresses visitors. There are scientific studies that use infrared cameras to track what visitors eyes are naturally drawn to look at and how long they will spend on certain areas on the site. That’s right, Harbin Designs builds websites based on science.